Following are the terms adopted in development of ICCON blocks and pattern making method on example of a Jacket Block:


The Block
The block is a master pattern shape featuring fit information in both two and three dimensions (size, shape, proportions and posture). It is the simplest building block of a garment - the best, truest representation of desired fit, so it's used as the 'master' reference. This will enable complete reliability and consistency through out the entire design/pattern development process. A block does not contain any final pattern details such as design lines, collar, or pockets. There are the Basic (diagnostic) blocks of bodice, sleeve, skirt and trousers and Intermediate  blocks, which contain not only body, but also some garment specific information (see diagram above).

The Pattern
The pattern contains the basic fit information just like a block, but also includes specific styling details, as well as finishing pieces like lining and interfacing. The pattern features individual pattern pieces that include stule/design lines and seam allowances.

When to use what
In general, when creating an original style it's faster and more efficient to use a block. In cases where the desired style is close to an existing pattern and there is no significant fabric performance or standard body variation, it may be appropriate to use that pattern, as it already incorporates many design variables. However, if the style of the new garment is significantly different from the existing pattern and fabric performance (stretch/shrinkage) of the new garment, or the base body form is different, it is not advisable to alter the pattern. Typically, to get a high quality result, this would involve reversing some or all of the pattern structural construction details, which is almost impossible to do with required accuracy and technical integrity. Inevitably, this process takes longer and is more prone to re-samplings. Further, any pre-existing construction inaccuracies that may be relatively invisible in one finished garment may be compounded and more apparent in another. In most cases, when dealing with a new style, it is most time efficient to use a block - the true master reference.

ICCON Block Based Process
ICCON blocks already take into account the characteristics of the final garment they are destined for. Therefore, they already embody features such as distribution of ease allowance, treatment of darts, and the basic silhouette of the final garment.
Our clients can specify during the briefing process the type of garments that they wish to create from our custom developed blocks.
These fit and design features can be included during the block development process. ICCON standard blocks already contain some of these features, based on the styles most commonly created in the marketplace.