Training in ICCON Technology


Have you ever wondered what makes a good product technician, a great product technician?

ICCON Associates in cooperation with Kangan Institute is proudly offering a professional development courses for the apparel industry practitioners. The courses are:

1. “Towards Pattern Making Technology as a Source of Competitive Advantage” 50 hours program - block drafting and principles of construction based grading conducted continuously from Feb 1997. This program offers advanced training in blocks development, anthropometric body evaluation, fit analysis and basics of allometric grading.

2. “Pattern Making Excellence for Fashion Industry Professionals” 50 hours program - block based pattern making and grading program was developed on request of the former students and it was commenced in the year 2007. It focuses on practical and theoretical concepts involved in the development of patterns for a sample product range. Participants gain skills and knowledge on the initial body diagnosis, specification assessment, pattern drafting from block base and various methods to assess fabric characteristics (ease requirements, stretch and shrinkage).

Please check following pages for syllabus of these programs