Lectra Systems.  Lectra systems provide advanced computerized technological solutions to the soft goods industries [including apparel] using our technology can automate much of the production and manufacturing process however, the fundamental pattern making skills are still required to effectively use and realize the full potential of our solutions. Unfortunately, all too often, we come across companies whose pattern makers lack good pattern making skills. This is where Barbara's pattern development methodology is critical to our industry. The better the pattern makers skill the more relevant and effective our systems become.

Lance Munro, Systems Consultant and Angela Hipwell, Training and Development Manager, Lectra Systems.


Coles Myer Ltd.  In order to achieve accuracy of fit with first time sampling both in Australia and offshore, Barbara is addressing the business needs of shortening lead times by achieving pattern excellence in a high volume commercial environment such as K-Mart. Barbara is playing an integral part in our journey to achieve this.

Jackie Wooller, Quality Manager - Apparel, Quality Control Department, Coler Myer Ltd


The Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia (TFIA) and Fashion Technicians Association Australia (FTAA) ICCON Technology has greatly assisted the majority of our members in the development and application of pattern making skills and knowledge. This expertise has contributed to the review of the technology content of the National Training Package for the Australian fashion. We urge you to continue with your research into advanced block development and pattern making ...An acute shortage of technical expertise within the sector has been identified as a growing trend and one which concerns us as an association. A lack of understanding of the consequences of delivering poor fitting garments into the market place hinders growth of the sector. The outcomes of which are seldom measured. You know better than anyone the effort that needs to be expended to make improvements in developing product. It requires commitment and resources. We commend you for your persistence. We look forward to offering our ongoing support to you.

JoAnn Kellock, The Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia (TFIA) Executive Director and Acting President of Fashion Technicians Association Australia (FTAA)


S&R Fashions. I was employed as a pattern maker with S&R Fashions for 6 years. For the first 2 years I was manual pattern making and during this time was introduced to Barbara Davis and her pattern technology. I adopted her technology with great commercial success. Our account grew with the customer's confidence in our ability to supply a quality product with the minimum of fuss; soon afterwards all the pattern-makers, 11 in the company, were being trained and encouraged to use the technology. With the advent of computer pattern making, we decided to create a library of blocks using ICCON technology, which were specific to each of our customer's standards. Introducing this method of working reduced our average of 6 samples to achieve approval of fit to only 2 samples, also benefiting our lead times. The formulae allow the technician to readily reference accurate garment measurements to enable accurate and efficient engineering of a two dimensional pattern. With the ability to store drafts on the computer during the process of creating a pattern and armed with ICCON technology it is easy to assess where any fit issues may be stemming from for correction. I have found this method of working to be far more effective than the usual practice of referencing a similar pattern for re-working to achieve the desired shape and fit. This can be laborious, complicated and risky particularly when there are inherent problems that have not been detected before and an educated guess based on experience is the only tool a technician can use to try and rectify the problems. Using a mathematical formula is by far the most financially economical and sanity saving method for a technician to work.

Sarah Basile, Managing Director and Partner, Mission Brown and Former Head of Pattern Making Department, S&R Fashions


SHARP Manikins Pty Ltd ICCON Technology application of blocks to real bodies is excellent and innovative. Combine this with grading that matches real body growth and this can increase the number of people fitting into the same amount of sizes by about 10%. That represents a large increase in sales for no extra inventory and some very happy customers!

Daisy Veitch - SHARP Manikins Pty Ltd


S&R Fashions I attended the ICCON Clothing Technology workshops conducted by ...... Barbara Davis in 2002. As a pattern maker of more than twenty years within the Australian fashion industry I found this educational experience to be of great value to me personally and to my sponsoring company S&R Fashions.

The block construction technology and the advanced grading theories I learnt confirmed my belief that even with all my experience there must be a more scientific, reliable system to pattern making.

In the past I had relied on patternmaking texts and practical guidelines learnt at fashion college to construct basic blocks. Never were the reasons given why the block was constructed in the way it was and I was not convinced my grading methods were truly accurate. Through years of experience, I found ways of adapting blocks and dealing adequately with patternmaking problems but I was never convinced "I knew it all". Barbara's workshops were pure enlightenment.

Armed with what I had learnt I applied it immediately to my working style and achieved excellent results.

To illustrate an example of this; I was given a new account to work on, a ladies larger sizes for a high profile retail chain. My first garment was for a tailored pant. After measuring up the stand used by the client for fit assessment, I used my newly gained knowledge to construct the basic block for the pattern of the first fit sample. This first sample was a great success achieving first fit approval with only minor changes into production. This gave the new client great confidence in my abilities. Eighteen months later this pant was still being reordered as a core item in the larger ladies range.

I recommend ICCON Clothing Technology as an excellent tool for patternmakers, garment technicians and quality controllers.

Diana Fountain Product Manager for Mission Brown and former Senior Pattern Maker for S&R Fashions.