ICCON Associates was founded in 2001 by Barbara Davis, an innovative garment technologist, master block maker, organisational trainer and educator,

The company was set up to formalise the training programs conducted initially in Melbourne on request of the practicing industry professionals and are run continuously since 1997. The programs are currently offered in Adelaide as well.

The company also provides customised development as well as a range of ready to use standard patterns and blocks.

Barbara Davis is the principal consultant and director of ICCON Associates and has over 25 years experience in the apparel industry, In early 1991 Barbara, then practicing senior pattern maker with one of Australia's leading apparel brands, recognised the need for addressing the number of technical challenges faced by modern industry pre- production processes. She simply believed that the computer library based patterns modified according to the "hit and miss" system was an expensive and messy method, which should and could be improved. Demand for this change became particularly apparent when pattern makers in distant China or other off shore supplier company were expected to understand the product styling and construction brief from the specification document. Such a document usually contained desired measurements of the sample and few written instructions. Many experienced product developers can confirm often observed case of two garments with all specified measurements identical, with one fitting the sample body well and another not even passing the fitting and styling tests. This is because the styling intricacies and market representing body characteristics can not be communicated via specification documents. 

Furthermore, she found that the resultant impact on organisations were excessive product development costs, unpredictable results, high staff stress levels and turnover rates, but most importantly - loss of business opportunity.

Barbara's interest in the subject led her on the path of an extensive research examining an old and contemporary pattern making literature as well as a wide variety of pattern making practices used by the industry worldwide. These, often very differen approaches had one common thread - limited capability to isolate fit, fabric performance and 3D body characteristics in the pattern development process, so as to deliver the intended result in a consistent, fast and foolproof manner.

Her research saw her seconded to ESCADA Germany, the label famous for an exquisite fit of its expensive garments, While there she examined its product development processes with special focus on pattern making and grading practices. She also investigated the education and professional training systems at M.Müller & Sohn Deutsche Beckleidungsakademie in Munich. 

Barbara completed her Masters Degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in the area of block construction and grading methods in February 2000.

Concluding her research was a block drafting and grading method known as ICCON (Improved Clothing Construction) Technology. The principles of this method have now been widely adopted by number of Australia's apparel companies. ICCON Technology and the ICCON pattern blocks have been implemented in both onshore and offshore manufacturing facilities including mainland China.

In the year 2009 on invitation of Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences she spent six months in Mönchengladbach further examining German education system for clothing industry engineers. She also liaised with University of Applied Science fhtw in Berlin and visited German manufacturers: ESPRIT in Ratingen and BIANCA in Ochtrup. She has travelled to factories in China implementing her system.

Her clients include Kmart, Target, Coles Myer, Sussan, Sportsgirl Sportscraft, Rip Curl, Voyager Solo, Australian Defence Apparel, Victorian Police Department to name a few.

Currently Barbara teaches advanced pattern making, allometric grading and blocks construction from a base at Kangan Institute in Melbourne and in Adelaide.