What is a block? A two-dimensional basis for developing apparel patterns - a master pattern shape. A block contains elements of fit but not style so it is easy to use as well as being the best reference shape. The alteration free patterns can be made only from the block which well reflex characteristics of the market representing body named Standard Body.

Why do we need it? The block shows clearly the elements that relate to fit of the body without the confusing style details. The style of the block is also standardised allowing pure fit comparisons between different body types.

How easy is it to use? Using a well-fitting block combined with sound patternmaking techniques is much easier to develop well-fitting garment than making poor fitting garment and trying to fix its fit problems later.

How is ICCON Technology different to other block and patternmaking technology? Unlike most other patternmaking systems, ICCON Technology uses blocks drafting method that clearly defines which body its going to fit. It utilises basic patternmaking principles that are logical and make common sense. This enables patternmakers to completely understand what they are doing and control their outcomes reducing hit and miss approach.

Do I have to change my staff to use ICCON Technology? No, your patternmaking staff will be able to use ICCON blocks and patterns, just like they use their existing patterns now. In fact ICCON Technology blocks and patterns will be easier to use because they will have good balance and fit meaning no more complicated, particularly internal structure related alterations! This also means faster results for your customers.

Is it going to work with my current computer system? ICCON patterns and blocks can be used with all known PDS systems. They can be drafted in the computer or digitised if this is the operator’s preference.

Can I still use ICCON Technology if I don't have access to Lectra or Gerber systems or a printer? Yes. You can purchase a paper copy of the blocks and patterns. If you have purchased an electronic copy (dxf file), simply use a bureau or plotting service such as Lectra or Gerber and they will print out your electronic pattern or block. Then you simply use your pattern in the traditional way.

Can I use this block technology if my mannequin is different to the ones on your site? Yes, ICCON can provide a customised base for your product which will match your market needs. Please contact us for more information.

Do you recommend one particular brand of mannequin? No, the mannequin you use should reflect the size and shape of your average customer and which is agreed upon by everyone in your product development chain and preferably confirmed by the sizing survey of your customer base.

Would I be better off using a block or a pattern for my style? Think of a pattern as being specifically styled, whereas a block is quite basic or generic - yet extremely concise as it precisely addresses the body characteristics of your Standard body (mannequin). In general, when creating an original style, it's more efficient to use a block. However, when the next style you need to create is close to an existing pattern in your library, it will be better to use that pattern, because you will be many steps down the design process already. However, if the style you want is significantly different from the existing pattern, it is not advisable to alter it, as you will need to undo styling features to return to the basic block and then add the new detailing you want. This exposes the styling process to compounding errors and increases time pressures. In this case you would use a block - returning to that true, master reference. The block is also best to use as a base, or cross check when introducing different fabric properties such as stretch or shrinking.