ICCON (Improved Clothing CONstruction) Technology


ICCON Technology offers an innovative approach to making patterns for the clothing industry. Its essence is to change the commonly practiced art of pattern making into the pattern engineering system. The orderly, algorithms driven methodology and human morphology based understanding of the body as well as sizing systems, offers significantly improved process of garment prototypes development in the clothing industry.

The blocks and follow up patterns developed according to the principles of this technology are proven to deliver perfect fit and dramatic reduction of product development costs and lead times. They also help to improve communication between often geographically distant participants in the product development processes.

ICCON Technology construction based grading system offers change of base pattern not only in its size as traditionally practiced, but also addresses body allometry, which refers to its change in shape and proportions. These achieved through grading pattern changes are consistent with findings of the recent sizing and body shape surveys (Australian Rip Curl survey in the year 2000 and CAESAR USA survey as well as ASTM Sizing Standards.

ICCON Technology benefits stakeholders right through the product development and supply chain, including patternmakers, graders, Quality Assurance personnel, manufacturers and of course any manager seeking better looking garments, cost savings, happier employees and improved communication with their suppliers, buyers and within their internal team.



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